Photo tripod used as a stand for Aria SWB Lite electric upright bass

I'm the owner and user of Aria SWB Lite One BIS electric upright bass. I solved standard problems/questions of any Aria SWB Lite's user:
1. How to reduce the hiss of in-built electronics.
2. What hard case would be suitable for this bass?
3. How to mount the bass on some stand.

Here I can give you an information about my way of solving the question No. 3.
I solved it by using a common photo tripod. Aria SWB lite EUB offers a thread on the back of its body. The thread is compatible with common screws intended for fastening cameras on tripods. I use my old Velbon Sherpa 200R tripod with Joby Ballhead X tripod head. It works with any standard tripod head, but ball heads are more suitable for this purpose. It works really good. It can be adjusted for standing or sitting (or any other position). The tripod is lightweight, manipulation with the bass is fast and easy and the complete system is stable and really usable. The ball head allows 360° panning and 90° tilt, so the instrument can be mounted in any position.
The weight of the bass is approx. 4.6 kg, so max. load of the tripod head could be more than 4.6 kg, but the ball head with max. load up to 3 kg is good enough (the bass presses on the head by max. 2 kg in a standard tilt).
I can recommend this solution. It's cheap, stable, very variable, easy-to-use, easy-to-transport and it doesn't look so bad. I didn't find any information about some original accessories from Aria and I think the manufacturer allows for this way of use.

Look at some pictures of the solution described above:

Configuration for standing
Aria SWB Lite One BIS - tripod stand

Configuration for standing
Aria SWB Lite One BIS - tripod stand

Detail of the tripod head

Aria SWB Lite One BIS - tripod stand

Configuration for sitting
Aria SWB Lite One BIS - tripod stand
June 2016